10 Effective Tips For Shedding Unwanted Body Fat

by Brandon

TIP #1: Empty Out Your Kitchen

Shedding body fat all starts inside of the kitchen. The only way to make sure you don’t indulge in all the bad foods that are currently stored in your fridge, cupboard, and counter tops is by simply getting rid of them. While you might be convinced that your will power would be enough to keep you away from them, it is only a matter of time before you given in to the pack of double stuffed Oreos you have lying around.

TIP #2: Mix Up Your Cardio Training

Your cardio just like your weight training should always progress with your conditioning level. Staying with the same cardio routine will leave you wondering why your body fat hasn’t gone down in some weeks. Look n further than your cardio routine. Mix up your cardio by going back and forth between steady-state cardio training and interval training for fat loss. Steady state training will provide for longer fat-burning sessions while interval training will boost your metabolic rate and increase fat oxidation rates for hours after the workout is done.

TIP #3: Incorporate One Full-Body Workout Into Your Weekly Training Routine 

Full-body workouts increase your metabolism more per workout due to the large amount of muscle mass you hit. And also allow for more downtime to rest throughout the week.

TIP #4: Drink Green Tea

If cutting fat is a priority of yours then green tea should without a doubt be one of your top beverages of choice. Green Tea will help you rev up your metabolism ,therefore allowing you to burn more calories daily. Not to mention that it is also loaded with healthy plant chemicals and of free-radical-fighting antioxidants. All helping to reduce the tissue damage that can come about from dieting and still going through intense workout routines.

TIP #5: Have Two High Carb Days Per Week

By keeping your low carb days at your preference and adding two high days into your week, you will be tricking the body to believe that the carbs are around all of the time. Avoiding the plateau-causing metabolic drop that otherwise occurs. And you will feel a lot happier, as carbohydrates induce the brain to release serotonin, otherwise known as a feel-good hormone that helps keep you sane.

TIP #6: Prioritize Your Sleep 

While we typically overlook the importance sleep plays in the fat loss process it is definitely a major key. If you are lacking sleep, your insulin level will decrease, resulting in the hormone becoming less effective at commuting glucose from your blood into cells. And what does that do to your body? It in turn pumps more insulin, hoping to finish the job. The problem lies in that insulin is also a fat storage hormone.

TIP #7: Increase Your Protein Intake 

Protein rich foods not only help calm hunger but they also have a higher thermogenic effect. For every 100 calories you eat, your body will burn about 20-30% of those calories by simply breaking the food down. Meaning that you net fewer calories overall, resulting in an increase in your total daily calorie deficit. The bigger this deficit is, the greater your fat loss will be.

TIP #8: Give Yoga A Try

A big part in fat loss is combating stress and what better way to relieve stress than through yoga classes?

TIP #9: Increase Your Water Intake

Making sure that you are well hydrated will ensure that your metabolism is consistently working at top speed. As well as help you combat food cravings by filling you up and prompting you to intake fewer calories during your meals.

TIP #10: Convert To Single-Ingredient Foods

By switching to only single-ingredident foods you will be cutting out all processed and unhealthy foods than can interfere with your goals. Single-ingredident foods are in their most natural state and will contain the most nutrition to keep your body healthy throughout your journey. Also keeping you energized and commitment to accomplish the task at hand.

Hope you enjoyed these ten tips for doing away with unwanted body fat!

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