10 Year Old Girl Squats 214.9 lbs And Sets A New World Record!

by Adam Smith


Meet 10 year old Naomi Kutin. Nicknamed “Supergirl” she has broken the all-time world record for the raw squat, for the second time in her young lifting career. At the Raw Unity Meet in Corpus Christi, TX, January 22 2012, Naomi squatted an amazing 214.9 lbs, weighing only 92.8 lbs.


She also had a terrific deadlift of 209 which, while not a class record, showed great grit and determination, and brought the room to its feet watching her. Naomi beat out a 44-year-old woman for the women’s squat lifting record, and at her most recent competition, she set a new national youth record for the dead lift. I’m not sure whether her story is inspiring or unnerving. How about a little bit of both?


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