Reggie Miller Talks About The Time He Trash Talked Michael Jordan And His Old Rivalry With Spike Lee

by Brandon

Reggie Miller is well known for two reasons, the first being that he is one of the most prolific three point shooters in NBA history and the second is his love for the art of thrash talking. As Reggie puts it “I wasn’t the biggest or strongest guy, I needed to have a little bit of an edge, my mouth was my edge.” I mean who could forget Reggie’s battles with the Knicks and Spike Lee throughout the 1990’s? Few if any of the players currently playing in the NBA have the competitive spirit of the great Reggie Miller.

In this sit down with Jimmy Kimmell, Reggie takes us through the first and last time he attempted to smack talk Michael Jordan, as well as his relationship with Knick fanatic Spike Lee!

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