16 Crazy Pull-Up Variations

by Brandon

An old-fashioned pull-up bar mighty just be the best piece of gym equipment one could have because of how creative you can get with it. As you become stronger and a more advanced weight lifter, the traditional pull-up will become quite easy to perform. Making it crucial to find ways to continue pushing your body beyond its limits, especially for those who typically get their workouts in at their home. But the beauty of the pull-up is that you can easily add in movements, resistance, or even just change the angle of which it is performed to ensure you are getting the most out of your training. Jeff Cavaliere of the Youtube channel ATHLEAN-X, is a huge proponent of the pull-up stating that, “The pull-up is no doubt one of the best upper body exercises you can do, regardless if whether you have access to a bunch of bars and dumbbells..” But also understands that experienced lifters may become bored or unchallenged by the standard pull-up which is why he put together a video demonstrating 16 crazy and effective pull-up variations for lifters of all levels!

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