The Rock Helps A 2-Year-Old Pull A Plane ‘All By Herself’

by Adam Smith

As we learned last week when Kevin Hart almost “killed” Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, he’s currently shooting a comedy called Central Intelligence. And on the set of Central Intelligence is apparently a little girl named Kai, who thanks to The Rock now thinks she has the power to pull an airplane all by herself. “When beautiful little 2yr old Kai visits our set and she wants to “pull the airplane” all by herself. Well, she gets to pull the airplane… all by herself. #GreatJobHoney #AmazingStrengthYouHave #UncleRockPullsAHamstring #OnSet #AwesomeMemories #CentralIntelligence.” Gotta love all those hashtags. And The Rock. What a bro.

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