17-Year-Old Sets World Record With 875 lb Squat!

by Brandon

Being 17-years-old is extremely fun, you are too old to be considered a kid but you are too young to be labeled an adult. Which means that you truly have no real worries or stressors but now actually think back to when you were a 17-year-old teenager. What accomplishments did you have under your belt? You might of been a starter on the varsity team, maybe got your driver’s license, or maybe you were finally able to get your high school crushes number. More than likely you hadn’t set any world records.

Now let me introduce you to Joseph Pena, the 17-year-old, powerlifting extraordinaire from San Antonio, Texas. Guess what he was doing last week? Nothing much. Just setting a world record by squatting a preposterous amount of weight – 875 lbs to be exact. The wildest part is how effortless and smooth he made it look, putting many grown men around the world to shame. Next time you are debating on whether to skip leg day or not, keep in mind the 17-year-old who is out squatting you.

Check out Joseph’s world record setting squat in the video below!


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