Simeon Panda & Bradley Martyn – Just Another Back Day

by Brandon

The UK fitness sensation Simeon Panda and the States’ own Bradley Maryn are two of the biggest and hardest working dudes in the fitness industry. If you constantly watch their videos you are aware of how savagely and beastly these two are inside the gym. So when they collaborate it’s something like christmas for fans of these two and fans of fitness in general. They are each a prime example of what you can become when you dedicate your entire life to your craft. They didn’t achieve their physiques over night but rather over years and years of intense dedication. So if they can do it then so can you. In the video below we see them go through a heavy back day which would have a majority of us stuck in bed crying due to the ridiculous soreness we would be experiencing. But it is a perfect example of how you must train to achieve the dreamy physique you have been craving. Check out the video below to see how you should be training back in order to develop an intimidating figure!

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