Push And Pull For Explosiveness

by Brandon

Athletes of different sports cannot all train the exact same way as each sport requires a different skill set and type of conditioning. It wouldn’t be smart for a basketball player who is looking to improve upon his explosiveness to be training like a bodybuilder. Which is why your training style will vary from others all depending on what you are currently looking to improve. When training for explosiveness it is key that you forget about the amount of weight you are pushing or pulling and shift your focus to performing each and every rep as explosive as you possibly could.

Bradley Martyn is known as a savage in the weight room with the proof lying not only in his physique but in all the videos he post on his Youtube account, as he looks to help all those wanting to live a healthy lifestyle. And he recently put together a video breaking down how to explosively perform the bench press and barbell row. It might be a little different from your typical training style but it will without a doubt help you get the results you are looking for. So if it’s explosiveness you are looking to build, it would be a good idea to take a look at the video below and begin implementing these points of emphasis into your training sessions!

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