2014 A Video Year in Review

by Jim Singletary

As 2014 draws to a close, social media behemoth Facebook culled through it’s vast reservoir of content to offer this curated Year in Review for 2014.

Looking back over the year’s events it’s almost surprising to remember that all of this stuff happened just this year.  We found ourselves thinking “oh yea thats right, that was this year, it felt so long ago.”  There’s no denying that it was a year filled with events both tragic and triumphant.  From the deaths of Robin Williams and Joan Rivers,  the rise of Ebola and ISIS, to the World Cup in Brazil and the runaway freight train that was the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge,  2014 gave us no shortage of truly newsworthy and culturally significant events.

Of course it also delivered the nonsense as well.  From Kim Khardashian’s oversized naked posterior, to wild dogs running through the Olympic Village in Sochi Russia.  And from Donald Sterling getting kicked out of the NBA to North Korea declaring cyber-war over a Seth Rogan comedy,  this was the year that delivered.

In the world of sports 2014 gave us Derek Jeter’s farewell tour of major league baseball, and Lebron’s return to his roots in Ohio.   We got to see Phil Heath seal his status as a legend by winning a historic 5th consecutive Sandow Trophy at the 50th Anniversary of Mr Olympia.  2014 also gave us German dominance on the pitch in Brasil, and Gold Medal brilliance in the snow in Russia.  We saw the Seahawks dismantle Peyton’s Broncos and we saw California Chrome flirt with immortality in his failed bid at the triple crown.  We stood witness to Donald Sterling being Donald Sterling, and Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson called for unnecessary roughness, and lest we forget Suarez taking a bit out of his own career.  It was defintitely a year to remember.

We said goodbye to Robin Williams, Joan Rivers, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Harold Ramis, Lauren Bacall, Hurricane Carter, Maya Angelou, Casey Kasem, James Garner, the Ultimate Warrior, and classic television icons like Alice from the Brady Bunch and the Professor from Gilligans Island, among many others.

In short 2014 was one for the books.  And we can all look back on what a crazy ride it’s been, and think about the year to come.  How crazy is this year going to be?  And what changes are you going to make for yourself.  2014 has come and gone – bring on 2015.  Is this your year?

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Happy New Year