2015 Female Calisthenics World Championships

by Brandon

The great thing about fitness is that if you are truly committed to living a healthy lifestyle, there is definitely a specific kind of training that will appeal to you. If you enjoy getting into the gym and lifting some heavy ass weight than weight-training is obviously your thing. Others might prefer a type of physical activity that improves their breathing and flexibility and for those people yoga is exactly what they need in their lives. And for those who prefer no weights at all and enjoy getting their workout in the beautiful outdoors, calisthenics is hands down the way to go. It can provide for a phenomenal workout and when performed at a high-level, a calisthenic routine can look amazing due to the remarkable fluidity of the routine.

The 2015  Female Calisthenics World Championships took place last month in Moscow, Russia and it was a true display of exceptional athleticism. Many like to poke fun at girls calling them weaker than your average male but the women below are stronger and more athletic than about 60% of all dudes. Don’t believe it? Take a look at the highlights from the 2015 Female World Championships in the video below!

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