2015 NBA Finals: Game 2 Mini-Movie

by Brandon

In game one of the NBA Finals the Cavaliers lost much more than just the game, they lost their All-Star point guard Kyrie Irving and it seemed as if their season was over. At least from an outsiders perspective. But not inside the Cleveland cavaliers locker room and LeBron James had a lot to do with that. Going through everything he did over the last four years built Lebron for moments like these. Moments when all hope seems to be lost LeBron is the guy to hold the fort down and assure his teammates that this is in fact a long series which is far from over. He doesn’t just say these things he leads by example, going out there and giving it all he has which in turn inspires his team to follow his lead. And it is exactly why they won, yes LeBron James’ phenomenal performance had a lot to do with it but it was the grit the team displayed as a whole which has them returning home with the series tied 1-1. Check out a mini-movie of game two which captures all of the emotions involved in the riveting game two in the video below. Who’s going to come out victorious in game three is quite a mystery, you just have no idea how these games are going to play out!

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