2015 Olympia Champion Round Table Part 4

by Brandon

In part 4 of the 2015 Olympia Champion round table we see Phil Heath, Dexter Jackson, Adele Garcia, Ashley Kaltwasser and Jeremy Buendia continue to discuss what separates them from the rest of the pack. And what continues to drive them to strive for more even though they’ve already accomplished so much. The answer is greatness. The reason why someone like Phil stays motivated is because he isn’t just trying to be another guy who won a few Olympia titles, he is trying to go down as arguably the best the sport has ever seen. The same goes for the rest of the round table champions. They’re on a mission to not only be successful but to have their names remembered. And understand that a tremendous amount of work is required to achieve their goals. Which is bad news for the competition because as long as these reigning Olympia Champions continue to improve upon their physique, it’ll be extremely difficult for anybody to dethrone them!

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