2015 Olympia Champion Round Table Part 5

by Brandon

Anybody aspiring to become a Olympia champion should without a doubt take a look at the 2015 olympia champion roundtable discussion. Becoming a champion and staying a champion has a lot to with what goes on in between the ears. Your mentality and approach toward accomplishing your goals will either make your or break you. When it comes to competing either as an NPC athlete or IFBB Pro every single detail counts and is extremely important. So who better to listen to than 4x Mr Olympia winner Phil Heath, 1x Mr Olympia winner Dexter Jackson, Olympia champion Jeremy Buendia, 8x Ms.Fitness Olympia Adela Garcia, and Ms. Bikini Olympia Ashley Kaltwasser. They each understand what it takes to be in the top tier of the industry and have been for sometime now. Check out the video below and listen to what knowledge these champions have to share!

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