2015 Olympia Champion Round Table Part 6

by Brandon

In part 6 of the 2015 Olympia Champion Roundtable we have the privilege of listening to what keeps these athletes driven to continuously improve upon last year. And they each have their differing motivations. For 4x consecutive Mr Olympia champion Phil Heath the motivation is to come into this years Olympia competition in tip-top shape, so there will be no doubt when it comes to who deserved the title. Jeremy Buendia is on a mission to become the first ever 2x Mens Physique Olympia champion. Dexter Jackson’s pure motivation is winning and nothing else, it doesn’t matter how he goes about winning he just wants to win. And when you look at how much Dexter has accomplished throughout his career it’s crazy that he is still as driven to win when he could easily retire whenever he chooses. It just goes to show why Dexter is truly one of the greats. Check out the video below to get a look into what is driving this individuals and what they are trying to accomplish in the near future!

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