2015 Olympia Champion Round Table Part 7

by Brandon

In the finally of the 2015 Olympia Champion roundtable we get to see how grateful these champions are for the opportunity they’ve been given to do what they love to do. As well as their support team who has been there for them throughout the entire process. The road to becoming an Olympia champion is an extremely long and tough one and the only way you can get through it on top is by working your ass off and having a support team around you who keeps you focused. Having people around you who want to see you be successful can drive you beyond belief because of the fact that you don’t want to let those people down. As Ms. Bikini Olympia Champion Ashley Kaltwasser says ” ..The people out there that support me, that’s what motivates me..” So next time you are feeling tired or un-motivated, think about all those who have been for you throughout your entire life and you will have all the motivation in the world. Check out the 2015 Olympia Champion roundtable discussion in the video below and get a taste for how humble and grateful these athletes truly are!

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