2016 IFBB Phil Heath Classic Pro Winners with Phil Heath and Bob Chick!

by Brandon

The 2016 Phil Heath Pro/Am was a success and will only get bigger and better in the upcoming years. Thanks to all the amazing competitors, Ed & Betty Pariso and of course 5x Olympia Phil Heath. It takes a lot of people to come together to make a show a success, as it is truly a team effort. To show his gratitude for the competitors who participated and the show promoters who played a huge role in bringing awareness to the show, Phil took time to speak with Men’s Physique winner Freddy Naidu, Bikni winner Margret Gnarr, show promoters Ed & Betty Pariso and Bob Chick. Discussing Margret and Naidu’s victories, the overall success of the 2016 Phil Heath Pro/Am and where Phil sees the show going in the future!

Check out Phil’s interview with Pro Winners as well as Ed & Betty Pariso in the video below!

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