2016 Path To The Pros: Su’a Cravens NFL combine preparations

by Brandon

The 2016 NFL Draft will take place at the end of the month, taking place  from April 28th – 30th and while we all get to the see the smiles on the faces of the players who are lucky enough to hear their names called, we don’t see all the hard work that allowed for that life changing moment to occur. As a lot more than their college career goes into consideration when determining ones’ draft position.

Scouts throughout the league use the NFL combine and college pro days as a tool to assist them in projecting how good a player is and how well he would fit into their current roster. Which is why a lot of time goes into preparing a prospect to perform at their best.

Scout and coaches around the league already have a pretty good feel when it comes to how well a player can perform on the field because of all the game tape they have access to. However, what they use the combine and college pro days for, is to get a look at the athleticism of all the prospects. Exactly why a good showing at the NFL combine can result in a prospect rising up draft boards, while a bad showing can have a negative effect on ones’ draft position.

So how exactly do potential NFL prospects go about getting themselves in the best conditioning possible leading up to the NFL combine? That varies from individual to individual but one guy who gave us an all-access look into his preparations was former USC linebacker/safety Su’a Cravens who has his eyes on proving all his doubters wrong by making an impact for an NFL team next season. While accomplishing this won’t be easy, Su’a understands that if he puts in the necessary work the results will come.

Check out at how Su’a Cravens prepared for the 2016 NFL combine in the video below!

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