212 Olympia Champion Flex Lewis Trains Chest And Triceps 4 Weeks Out from 2015 Olympia

by Brandon

People create or make-up various excuses as to why they aren’t in the best shape possible. Either they supposedly don’t have the time, are too tired when they get out of work, can’t afford a gym membership, or don’t have somebody to show them how to work out which is absurd because we have access to tons of information through something called the internet. It’s easy to make-up an excuse as to why you should skip the gym or just go through a half-assed training session but those who are chasing something greater than themselves don’t have that luxury. Take the 3x defending 212 Olympia Champion also known as Flex Lewis for example, ” .. I was up in the plane this morning at 5 A.M, hit New York, hit New Jersey I’m sorry and then headed straight to Long Island..” Which is the life of a professional bodybuilder. Flying around the world making appearances and meeting your amazing fans while still finding a way to squeeze a training session into your hectic schedule. But it’s the price they pay to live the life they choose too and I am sure they have close to no complaints.

Below we see Flex train chest and triceps 4 weeks out from the 2015 Olympia and you couldn’t even tell that his head hadn’t hit a pillow in over 24 hours. Putting on full display why he is the reigning 212 Olympia champion, he doesn’t make excuses and always gets his work done regardless of the circumstances. Check out his full training session in the video below!

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