225 lb Clean And Press While On A Hoverboard!

by Brandon

Hoverboards came and took the world by storm, providing people with a cool way to navigate through the streets, students with an easy way to commute from class to class and the rest of us with an additional way to entertain ourselves. And it wasn’t long until celebrities from Wiz Khalifa, to JR Smith, to Jamie Foxx, to Usain Bolt and every other celerity in between were seen on them.

Once these widely known figures were spotting ridding on this hands-free Segway, it became a must have for those keeping up with the trends in todays society. As everybody wanted to be spotted zooming along on the latest technological advancement but all the craze behind the hoverboard makes you wonder is it really worth the price?

Given that you can do just about anything you please while riding a overboard – I definitely believe so. Take Bradley Martyn for example who recently squatted a whopping 315 lbs while balancing himself on a hoverboard. While it was quite a display of his tremendous athleticism, Bradley did not stop there and instead decided to take it a step further by clean and pressing 225 lbs while on a hoverboard. And yes it is just as crazy as it sounds, hence why I do not advise that you try this at home.

Check out Bradley putting his hoverboard to full use in the video below!

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