3 Minute High Intensity, Fat Burning Home Ab Workout

by Brandon

The weekend allows you the opportunity to catch up on things that your hectic weekly schedule didn’t allow you to get done. The funny thing is that many of us find a way to get caught up during the weekend and manage to not get to the things we planned on. Such as the intense gym routine you planned out for yourself to go through early Saturday morning but ended up over sleeping and waking up at 1:00 PM. With the rest of your day being booked meaning that you might be forced to postpone that gym session yet again. Or you can do your best with the limited time you have and get in an intense fat burning workout at your home right before you hop in the shower. You don’t need a bunch of gym equipment to burn off some of the calories you have accumulated throughout the week. Perfect example being the high intensity, fat burning ab workout captured in the video below. Which Supplies us with a time efficient yet effective ab workout that can help you get one step closer to the six pack you have been dreaming about!


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