5 Exercises You Are Doing Wrong!

by Brandon

One of the most common mistakes people make while at the gym is the use of improper form. Not realizing that the use of improper form will hinder your results while putting you at risk for major injury. The most common of which tend to pertain to the back which can become especially troublesome, as they can take months to heal and can become a problem for the entirety of your life if not taken care of properly. Which is why you should always be aware of your form and emphasize practicing good habits, as poor habits are always easy to slip back into. Not only will practicing proper form help you prevent injuries but it will also allow you to ensure that the correct muscle are being targeted and reduces unnecessary stabilizing action which will prevent you from being inefficient with your energy. With all that being said, why would you want to continue on executing the exercises you perform daily improperly?

Co-founder and owner of Old School Gym, as well as strength and conditioning coach for the Ohio Regional Training Center for Olympic Wrestling: Coach Myers knows his way around the weight room. Through his experiences training clients and working out on his own he has come across five exercises that he most commonly sees done wrong and just can’t stand seeing this any longer. To help put an end to all this imprudent style of training, Coach Myers put together a video detailing these five movements and the proper way to perform each. Providing a perfect video to help us all tighten up our form!

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