5 Moves For A Bigger, Stronger Back

by Brandon

When you think of the key features of an intimidating physique there are a few muscle groups that immediately come to mind – a barreled chest for sure but also a massive back. A broad back will only make the rest of your body look that much better. With your lats firing out of your sides like a king cobra, your waist will look as if it shrunk while it my still may have the same circumference it always has. The real question without a doubt is, how do you go about developing a back that brings out the best of your physique? That is when Jake Alvarez comes into the picture. In the video below Jake details his top five exercises for developing a highly impressive back. But before jumping right into it be aware that Jake performs one warm-up set before hoping into the movement – so I advise that you do the same. Check out the video below for tips on performing each exercises properly on your way toward improving your physique!

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