5 Reasons Why Everyone Loves Branch Warren

by Brandon

You might know him as Branch Warren or even as the “Quadrasaurus” due to his un-wordly legs but bodybuilding fans know him as a flat out beast. Branch has been in the top tier of the bodybuilding ranks for some time now and for good reason. Very few athletes in the sport or any sport work as hard as Branch does! There aren’t many competitors out there who are loved by fans as much as Branch and it has a lot to do with his badass mentality. Not only is he a world class bodybuilder but he also enjoys to hunt during his down time and even uses the meat for his own competition preparations. And his preparations are up there with anybody else’s. Branch Warren goes full out beast mode in the gym, unleashing his rage on the weights to the point where you begin to feel sorry for the weight he throws around. Nothing can get in the way of Branch getting his workouts in, not even a tornado! Listen to the story of Branch working out through a tornado and the top five reasons why fans love him in the video below!

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