5-Time Mr.Olympia Phil Heath Guest Posing at 2015 NPC Natural Northern USA Finals

by Brandon

After achieving an enormous amount of success many athletes become full of themselves and tend to forget about the people who played a huge role in their careers. Especially the fans, they begin to believe that they no longer need to show their appreciation for the fans and therefore stop. That is what separates a good athlete from an ambassador of the entire sport and what better example than the 5x Mr. Olympia Phil Heath. He might be fresh off of his 5 consecutive Olympia title and could easily be at his home hanging around and celebrating the great year that was but instead he is traveling, guest posing for the fans who have supported him throughout his remarkable career. It is’nt required or something that is mandatory for the champ to partake in but rather something that he chooses to do. Showing again why there is no better ambassador for the sport, not only does he act like one on stage but he carries himself like one off of it as well. Take a look at the champ guest posing at the 2015 NPC Natural Northern USA Finals for all the fans in the video below!

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