5 Tips To Help You Get Lean And Gain Muscle

by Brandon

Finding the perfect balance to where you are lean but yet still have a good amount of muscle on you can be a tricky puzzle to solve. How much should you be eating? What should you be eating? When should you be eating? Should you train heavy or favor volume? These are all questions that must be addressed to give yourself the best opportunity to reach your fitness goals. And just as with anything else there is no one, quick, magical formula to help you shed fat and gain muscle. It takes a whole-hearted commitment to accomplishing the goal you have set out for yourself. And a willingness to do things you haven’t done before as well as an attention to detail. Being meticulous with your diet, and workout plan is the only way to actually hold yourself accountable and ensure you are taking the steps necessary to hit your mark. To help you with doing so Steve Cook has putt together a video discussing 5 tips to help you get lean and gain muscle. Check it out below to learn about the changes you need to be making to your diet and training routine!

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