5’5″ Melvin Lee Throws Down A Vicious Poster Dunk On Two Defenders

by Brandon

In sports athletes are always critiqued by their measureables: height, weight, wingspan, vertical leap etc. and in basketball height is one of which is highly prioritized among scouts and coaches. But if you possess an unworldly level of athleticism your height can be disregarded. If you are a point guard under six feet with below average athletic ability you might be overlooked and maybe garner no interest from college coaches but if you have a 40 inch vertical leap your height can easily be neglected. Such as high school junior Melvin Lee who has recently gone viral due his absurd dunk over two defenders. What makes the play even crazier is that Melvin stands at just 5’5″

In the video  you see Riverside University High School guard Melvin Lee blow past his man, get into the lane and take flight. He would however be met mid flight by two oncoming defenders but would not be deterred from attacking the hoop. Instead, the 5’5″ junior rose up and threw down a vicious poster slam on both defenders making for an astonishing play. Take a look at the monster jam in the video below!

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