7 Myths About Exercising That You Probably Believed Were True

by Brandon

Today you can find more questions and half-truths than you will find facts about exercising. Stemming from misinformation and distortion of the truth. Leaving individuals confused about what information they should and shouldn’t believe.

A prime example being the myth that “if you are not sweating, you aren’t working hard enough.” This has lead to many individuals training under the assumption that in order to get in an effective workout they must be fully drenched in sweat at the end of it all. And while it might make sense to many it is indeed far from the truth. Imagine that, something you believed to be true for your entire life is actually a false statement. Well before you continue believing many of the exercising myths you have heard in the past, check out the video below to get informed on the 7 myths about exercising you most likely believed were true!

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