7’1″ High-School Prospect Breaks Defenders Ankles And Hits The Jumper!

by Brandon

18-year-old Sudanese-Australian high-school basketball prospect Thon Maker is a talent that has probably never been seen before. Standing at 7 feet tall he is far from your typical back to the basket center. His game looks as if it has come from the future as he possess a jump-shot with range, a tight handle and exceptional athleticism for a kid his height. All those skills were on display at the Fab 48 tournament in Las Vegas where he put a fellow five-star prospect on skates. Hitting him with slick double between the legs combination before drilling a step-back three before the defender had a chance to regain his balance. Making you wonder how high is the ceiling for young Thon Maker? At only 18-years-old he has plenty of maturing and growing to both physically and skill wise which makes it scary to think about how good he can be by the time he is in his twenties. Take a look at the phenomenal talent Thon Maker himself in the video below!

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