8 Resistance Band Exercises For Mass And Strength

by Brandon

When it comes to putting on quality size and addling strength many believe the only way to effectively do so is through weight training but Jeff Cavaliere believes this assumption is inaccurate. Stating that you can add mass and strength through resistance band training by focusing on the small muscles that play a pivotal role in muscle function. Typically when individuals are attempting to put on size they direct all their attention to the larger muscles not realizing that it is the smaller muscles that need to be strengthened up to allow the bigger ones to properly grow. These stabilizing muscles help provide stability and safety when performing the exercises we rely on to help build mass.

Band exercises provide a perfect way to ensure that these smaller muscles contain the strength necessary to provide the stability that is crucial to allowing the larger muscles to function. In the video below Jeff covers 8 of the best band exercises and details how each one can increase muscle size through strengthening the supportive muscles!

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