80 Year Old Constance Tillit Uses Fitness As A Way To Cope With Her Husband’s Death

by Brandon

How many times have you heard your friend tell you that they are too tired to hit the gym? I’m sure countless and countless times over and it’s a terrible excuse. If an 80 year old women can muster up the energy to get after her fitness goals despite having gone through 2 hip replacements, 2 knee replacements, 2 rotator cuff replacements, and losing her husband any excuse is flat out pathetic. Constance is as strong a women as their is and has found that fitness is a productive and effective way for dealing with the major loss of her life partner. And uses his memory to keep pushing her in moments when she wants to give up. Through her hard work and dedication the incredible Constance has managed to lose a total of 51 lbs in the past 10 months. Providing a ridiculous motivation for anybody looking to lose weight, if she can do it despite everything that has gone against her, what is your excuse? Check out the video below to get a look at the story of the 80 year sensation, Constance Tillit!

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