A Behind-The-Scences Look Into How World Champion Sumo Wrestler Byamba Fuels Himself

by Brandon

Every athlete out there fuels themselves differently depending on the sport they compete in and what foods they feel work well with their body. If Sumo wrestling is your sport of choice than bulking is a yearlong process for you. As sumo wrestlers are know for following diets that require them to consume 10,000 or more calories on a daily basis.

Take two-time Sumo World Champion Byamba for instance, who weighs in at over 350 lbs and stands at just over 6 feet tall. Due to his massive frame Byamba shovels down 10,000 healthy calories just to maintain his weight, with his go to dish being Chankonabe. The dish, which originated in Japan with the broth of this stew typically being fish based and filled with vegetables, eggs and meat also happens to be a staple in just about every sumo wrestlers diet. So how does Byamba possibly consume 10,000 calories off of this stew? Easily, he eats loads and loads of it to ensure he is properly fueling his body after he trains.

Take a look at the video below to see how Byamba manages to maintain his weight of over 350 lbs!

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