A Beneficial Leg Routine For Those With Back Injuries

by Brandon

Suffering from back injuries and pain can be one of the worst feelings, especially if you live an active lifestyle. Back problems can restrict you from performing all the activities you usually do on a daily basis. From bending down to pick up your keys when they fall to your ability to run up and down the court while you relieve some stress in the basketball courts. So imagine trying to lift weights while having to deal with nagging back pains. It will be incredibly uncomfortable, particularly if you are training legs. Legs are annoying to train for many to start with but adding back pains into the equation will result in many skipping leg day altogether. And for good reason, I mean who wants to be in actual pain while they are attempting to better themselves? Nobody and that is why Bradley Martyn felt the motivation to put together a leg routine that specifically caters to those who suffer from unfortunate back problems. If you have been hesitant to train legs because of stress it puts on your back, give Bradley’s routine a try and get back to achieving those gains!

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