A Collection Of Kobe Bryant’s Best Moments In Cleveland

by Brandon

The Kobe Bryant farewell tour makes its stop at Quicken Loans, Arena tonight as Kobe laces them up in Cleveland one last time. The city where Kobe captured his only slam-dunk title. And where we saw him battle against another fellow all-time greater in LeBron James countless times over.

While tonight won’t be a match-up of two of the leagues best teams as it was for so many years, it will be the last time we see The Black Mamba go at The King in his hometown. And quite frankly it couldn’t have come at a better time as it seems Bryant has found his rhythm. Scoring 23,38, 27,25 and 19 points over his last five games.” He’s been in a great rhythm,” James said. “I hope he gets back to a not-so-good rhythm by Wednesday. But it’s fun.” Which should provide for a highly entertaining match up between these two legends of the game. I think I speak for all hoop fans when I say I hope for a tie game with less than twenty seconds left, the ball in Kobe’s hands and LeBron trying his best to keep the Mamba from putting the basket in the hole.

Get ready for tonights game by taking a look back at a collection of Kobe’s best moments in Cleveland!

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