A Countdown Of The Fastest 40-Yard Dash Times In NFL Combine History

by Brandon

The 2016 NFL Combine begins today and will on through next Monday, officially beginning the draft preparations for all 32 teams. The beauty of the combine lies in that it provides the participating athletes with the opportunity to put their skills on full display for all of the scouts, coaches, and general managers in attendance. And you just never know who might make a name for themselves by running an absurd 40-yard dash time. For skill position players there is probably no bigger test than the 40-yard dash. Fair or not a bad 40 time can result in a running back or wide receiver prospect drastically falling down draft boards. But on the flip side, an impressive 40 time can result in a prospect propelling himself into the first round. There is just something about possessing that breakaway speed that gets scouts all worked up.

You just can’t argue how exciting it is to see an unknown college kid shock the world by running a 40 time that nobody expected him to.

In honor of all the roadrunners out there we have a countdown of the fastest 40-yard dash times in NFL history. Start the combine off right by taking a look at the countdown in the video below!

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