A Day In The Life Of 5x Olympia Phil Heath

by Brandon

Ever sit back and wonder what the life of a 5x Olympia champion is like? While many might be under the assumption that it includes nothing else but weight lifting, that is indeed very far from the truth. In order to give us a better look into what a bodybuilding great like “The Gift” goes through on a daily basis, Muscle & Strength headed to Denver, Colorado to follow the champ around to get a better idea of what really goes on in the life of not only a professional bodybuilder but also a business owner. Giving us glimpse into what truly separates Phil from the greats that came before him. He doesn’t have plans of simply being a great bodybuilder and wants to show kids all the endless possibilities that can potentially come from the sport of bodybuilding. Especially since Phil transitioned from the sport of basketball, exemplifying that with dedication, hard work, and commitment there are no limits to what you can accomplish. After watching videos such as the one below you can’t help but leave away feeling good that the great sport of bodybuilding has an ambassador like Phil Heath to help transcend the sport and take it to new heights. Take a look at the video below to get a look into a day in the life of Phil Heath as his hobbies/interest outside of bodybuilding!

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