A Day In The Life Of Cleveland Browns Defensive End Billy Winn

by Brandon

Us fans typically only see the athletes we cheer for in a competitive atmosphere and for that reason hardly do we get to see their true personalities. Especially football players, for starters they wear a helmet a majority of the time which completely hides their facial expressions and what we do see is them trying to rip each others head off. Not literally but football is a highly violent yet beautiful game but a lot of these enormous guys take joy in the same hobbies a lot of their fans do. Take Cleveland Browns defensive end Billy Winn for instance. Billy stands at 6’4″ and weighs in at a whopping 293 lbs but enjoys to golf and not because he is good at it but rather because it allows him to sit back and reflect. But if you were to see him line-up every Sunday you would of never imagined that.

Come along with STACK as they spend a day in the life of Cleveland Browns defensive end Billy Winn. Giving you a look into his apartment, his golf swing at the driving range, and even one of his serious workouts in the weight room. Giving you a complete behind-the-scenes look at what a day in the off-season is like for an NFL player!

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