A Day In The Life Of Pittsburgh Steelers Linebacker Jason Worilds

by Brandon

Jason Worilds is one of the rising stars in the NFL but has goals of becoming much more. Jason is on a quest to achieve greatness and is fully aware of what it will demand. At only 26 years old, Jason is in the midst of the prime years of his career. Which is going to make him an extremely hot commodity for teams looking to improve their pass rush this off-season.

His discipline, commitment, and extreme work ethic is what’s going to get him to where he envisions himself being. Think you workout hard? You might want to rethink that after watching what Jason’s grueling training days consist of. Two hours of  vigorous strength training followed by two hours of intense speed training, sounds like this guy is a flat out beast. After watching this video you might want to reconsider your definition of hard-work!

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