A Day In The Life Of Pro Bowl Corner Back Vontae Davis

by Brandon

The life an NFL player consist of a lot more than what we see on our television sets every Thursday, Sunday, and Monday night. There is a ton that goes in to allowing a professional football player to bring his A game to the field on game day. Stack followed around Indianapolis Colts cornerback Vontae Davis around to give us an inside look into his every day life. And yes he is fortunate to have a beautiful house, cars, and unique pieces of art but it is hard work and a passion for his craft that allows him to live the life he has always envisioned. Myron Flowers, founder of 360 Fit and performance plays an important role in making sure that Vontae checks into training camp in peak condition. By no means does Myron take it easy on Vontae simply because he is a big time client, in fact his warm up is more intense than most individuals entire workouts. Think you have what it takes to be a top-tier NFL corner back? Take a look at the video below and be the judge!

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