A Look Back At The Year That Was

by Brandon

2015 was a year filled with hard work, dedication, commitment, and most of all countless blessings but it is almost time for the year that was to come to an end. Before shifting our focuses toward the year ahead it is always good to take some time and reflect on all that was accomplishments from the past year. And for the Gifted Nutrition Team there were many. As we saw Gifted Nutrition President, Phil Heath claim his 5 consecutive Mr. Olympia title as he continued to dominate the competition.

IFBB Bikini Pro and Gifted Nutrition Athlete, Janet Layug collected first place finishes at the 2015 Arnold Classic Australia, 2015 New Zealand Pro, 2015 Korean Grand Prix and 2015 EVL’s Prague Pro. To go along with her second consecutive 2nd place finish at the Olympia.

Olympic Gold medalist swimmer, and Gifted Nutrition athlete Conor Dwyer toured the country competing in the Arena Pro Series and was named the Pro Series champ. In fact, Conor was so far ahead in the leaderboards that it wasn’t necessary for him to swim in Santa Clara to win the Series. These accomplishments, plus all the handwork from the rest of the gifted team has assisted in allowing Gifted Nutrition to grow globally as we are now in over 40 countries worldwide. Making 2015 a hell of a year for the #GiftedFam. But that was only a tip of the iceberg as our newest product BYLT as well as our re-formulated Ultimate Iso Whey has created a great deal of momentum to carry on into 2016. Take a look at a recap of 2015 in the video below!



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