A Look Into How NBA All-Star Jimmy Butler Prepared For This Season

by Brandon

The NBA season is just two days old but the Chicago Bulls are off to a strong start and their all-star shooting guard Jimmy Butler has a lot to do with that. Coming off of an off-season in which he inked a 5 year/ $95 million many feared that he would lose a bit of the motivation and edge that has allowed him to emerge into the best two way player in the game. But Jimmy is not like most young guys in the league, he has a desire to be great and understands he hasn’t really done anything in the league up to this point. If anything he came into this year driven to show to all the doubters that he deserved every penny of the big contract he signed. Beginning his training days at 6am to go through skill work which is followed by intense physical training sessions that truly test his work ethic. But as you would guess Jimmy passes his daily tests with flying colors due to an unrelenting work ethic that is second to none. Check out the video below to get an inside look at a day in the life of Bulls shooting guard Jimmy Butler!

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