A Special Thank You To The NPC From Phil “The Gift” Heath

by Brandon

This past weekend we saw “The Gift” become a 5x Mr. Olympia champion and while he has sustained an incredible level of success in the pro ranks, he isn’t quick to forget about where it all started: The NPC. The National Physique Committee gave a young and inexperienced Phil Heath the opportunity and stage to go after his passion. “… I’ve been featured in hundreds of magazines through Flex magazine, Muscle and Fitness, Muscular Development, you name it and uh it wouldn’t of started without that Federation and National Physique Committee..” Without the support and platform that the NPC provides, Phil and countless other professionals wouldn’t of been able to be where they are today. Understanding the huge role the NPC played in his career, Phil took time after the Meet the Olympians event to send a special thank you to Jim Manion and everyone else at the NPC!

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