A Tricep Routine For The Big Guys!

by Brandon

The triceps are one of the most recognizable muscle groups which will go a long way in making your arms bigger. Which is why every potential bodybuilder should be focused on developing large triceps. As the name infers, the tricep is composed of three different muscles, meaning that when training the tricep it is highly important that you pay attention to hitting each part of the tricep. A majority of tricep exercises can be grouped into three categories: movements focusing on building overall mass, movements that hit mostly the upper tricep, and movements that hit mainly the lower tricep. Hitting the three parts of the tricep with proper form is key to ensuring that you develop a pair of massive horse shoe shaped tri’s. And that would be a good idea when you take into consideration the fact that the tricep makes up about 2/3’s of your arm. So top slacking with your tricep training, take a look at the big guys tricep routine in the video below and give it a try!

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