A Wrap-Up Of Championship Sunday

by Brandon

Many were under the assumption that Peyton Manning’s age and health would be the the main reason why Tom Brady would end up appearing in his seventh Super Bowl. After being gifted back his two top weapons last week against the Kansas City Chiefs, it appeared as if Tom Brady and the New England Patriots would be able to make enough plays on the offense side of the ball. But the NFL’s most ferocious pass rush had different plans and relentlessly got to Brady on almost every play it seemed. The Denver Broncs allowed no time for the Patriots receivers to come open down the field. While it might not have been a vintage Peyton Manning performance he did what he had to do. Throwing for two touchdowns but more importantly accounting for zero turnovers and allowing his defense to lead the team to their 20-18 victory.

The Carolina Panthers wouldn’t allow the Arizona Cardinals any light of hope, coming out on a mission, jumping out to a 17-0 lead at the end of the first quarter. And sadly for their sake, Carson Palmer and the Cardinals would never be able to recover, falling to a deeper 24-7 hole at half time and eventually losing by a final score of 49-15. But should we have really been too surprised? I mean Cam Newton and the Panthers dominated the NFL for the entire season.

So the teams are in place and it seems we should be set up to have one exciting Super Bowl but then again with the Panthers playing the game might be over before it even begins. It’s early but who do you guys have taking home the Lombardi trophy?

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