Advanced 3D Abs With The Great Dane

by Brandon

Martin Larsen is a 6′ 5″ WBFF Pro hailing from Denmark and is widely known for his incredibly detailed mid-section. Evident through the popularity of his video on 3D abs but The Great Dane as they call him felt it was time for a video catering to those who are ready for an advanced ab training routine. But don’t think that he puts himself through unconventional ab exercises that you have never seen before as his routine still revolves around one highly effective exercise. And that is the cable crunch – except here he shows us how to take the cable crunch one step further to crank up the intensity. Focusing on getting a better contraction in the abs by going deeper than before. Take a look at The Great Dane breaking down how to get the most out of the cable crunch in the video below!

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