An Inside Look At The Best 3 On 3 Basketball Team In The World

by Brandon

The game of basketball has truly become a world-wide sport over the last few decades. The beautiful game of basketball is played in almost every country around the globe on a daily basis, ranging from young kids to older men and women. Take the best 3 on 3 basketball team in the world for instance which is composed of three dudes out of Novi Sad, Serbia who from all the way from Serbia have managed to establish themselves as a force in the 3 on 3 basketball world. By dominating virtually every international tournament including FIBA invitationals and even The Red Bull King of the Rock. The VICE Serbia office recently went out to Novi Sad to get a glimpse into how the guys train, live, as well as everything that comes with being the best in the world. Check it all out in the video below!

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