An Inside Look Into The Greatest Gym In The World

by Brandon

All committed lifters will agree on one thing and that is that Gold’s Gym Venice is hands down the best gym in the world. And it has held the title of being the best gym for the past 50 years. To mark the anniversary of Gold’s Gym, Fit Media channel was invited to film what a day at the incredible gym is actually like. Beginning their filming at opening time and going all the way until the lights were all out. What you realize after watching this video is the various individuals that train at Gold’s on a daily basis. At any given day you will find a collection of tourists, IFBB Pros, and even some first timers. Making it a place for every individual as long as they have one goal in mind and that is to carry out a healthy lifestyle. You can’t help but get motivated while at Gold’s, all you have to do is take a step back and look around at all the bodybuilding greats that have trained there before you. It will make you realize the level of intensity you must bring when training at such a historic gym, a half ass workout would just be a slap in the face to all the legends who have killed themselves within those walls. Check out the video below to get a sense of what the famous Gold’s Gym is all about!

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