An Inside Look Into The Home Of Soccer Super-Star Cristiano Ronaldo

by Brandon

Have you ever sat around thinking about what kind of home the best soccer player in the world lives in? Wonder no longer as the current Ballon d’Or holder opened up his doors to give all the fans an exclusive look into his Madrid palace. And the house is as Ronaldo as you would expect, from his front door to his bedroom. You are made aware of who the owner of this beautiful home is from the moment you open the door and see the initials CR engraved into it. But it might come even more obvious when you enter his bedroom which is surrounded by mirrors which comes as no surprise when you take into consideration that there are two things that Cristiano Ronaldo does right besides soccer, which is vanity and women. However, while Ronaldo’s house is beautiful and I would love to live in it – I was still expecting a slightly more elaborate set up. What did you guys think of the Real Madrid superstar’s home? Check it out in the video below and be sure to let us know your opinion on the home!

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