And You Thought You Had An Anger Problem… Look out REF!

by Gifted Nutrition

If you were one of the cool kids who spent Friday nights in high school playing ping pong in the basement with your friends, you probably know just how intense certain matches can get.

It’s one thing to lose to a small audience in a concrete room underground,and face the mockery and belittling of your buddies.  But in the high-pressure world of amateur table tennis, the stakes are even higher — and so are the emotions.

After a young Russian player named Dmitry Melnichenko lost to Vladislav Starodumov earlier this week in straight sets, he decided take out his anger who else… THE REF! What a sore loser

What if this was allowed in all sports? What if the ref became part of the game?

Would anyone sign up to be a referee?!

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