Arm Day The Gifted Way With 5x Mr. Olympia Phil Heath

by Brandon

Since his victory at the 2015 Olympia contest, 5x-defending champ Phil Heath has been traveling all throughout Europe going to show that the grind really never stops. But when he did land back in the states, Muscle & Strength flew out to Denver, Colorado to meet and shoot the champ. And “The Gift” decided to take them through one of his typical arm day routines at his home gym also known as Armburst Pro Gym. Breaking down the correct from for each exercises as well as providing us with other training tips to help you be as efficient and effective as possible with the movements shown. Making it a wise to listen to the knowledge that Phil drops on us all in the video below. Want to add some serious size to your arms? Check out what a arm day looks like for 5x Olympia Phil Heath and you too will begin to see results in no time!

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