Arnold Schwarzenegger #1 Tip For Body Transformations

by Brandon

Transforming your body from where it is now to where you want it to be begins with one step and the most important one. You have to visualize yourself with the physique you are beginning to work toward. Once you visualize that physique in your mind you can see what it would actually look like and therefore you will stay motivated to get to your end goal. When you get tired and are debating whether or not you should hit the gym just visualize the physique you want and you will suddenly have all the motivation you need.

In the video below, 7x Mr Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger talks about the time he was required to lose 37 lbs as part of the preparation for his role in the movie “Stay Hungry.” At the time he was weighing a nicely chiseled 246 lbs of pure muscle. In order to actually want to lose the weight Arnold began envisioning himself as a 210 lb incredibly lean athlete. Which is what kept him interested in losing all that weight, it wasn’t easy but Arnold possessed the mental fortitude to get the job done as always!

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